Monday, March 2, 2009

exam season~

Before and After!!
wat a waste..

recently had many pimples on my face.. so irritable.. today juz had my machine tools test. after test, the lecturer said on the following consequent week have tests again.. haihz.. tis wed, will have my MED test. 4 ques in 25 minutes.. aiyo.. how to finish it by time? hang kai summore.. sleep late.. so pimples oso come to find me. Tml is one of my fren birthday.. bear bear birthday.. tonite will having bbq at his house.. cannot eat coz of my pimples.. There is only a piece of good new, that is this friday I am going back to my hometown.. Batu Pahat.. Tats wonderful! miss my darling bed and family.. =P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boring day

wat a boring day it was.. nothing to do. so write a blog. this is the first time i write blog. currently at kl. miss my hometown very much. really hope tat can lay in my own bed. haha. anyway my life at kl oso interesting and comfortable. can enjoy cooking where i do not do cooking at my hometown. coz my mum is cooking anyway. i juz helping eat.. wakaka.. today i had my breakfast plus lunch which prepared by wen shiow, my housemate. she cooked kangkung, long bean n a ABC soup. while i cooked a pot of red bean soup since i am so free. dunno y the red bean soup that i made did not boil after a period. keep waiting n waiting.. finally it was boiled and somehow taste nice oso. watching drama, chatting with frens ady are my habit. cannot imagine one day how is my life without my laptop. haha!wat a boring sunday i had with dramas and o2jam.. next week i have 2 exams to go. algebra and dynamic. so sad. eager and looking forward for my holidays.. but still hv to wait a long time... i muz learn to be patient. hehe!